Community Hospital of Bremen constructing new MRI suite

BREMEN — Community Hospital of Bremen has begun the addition of an MRI suite on the back, north side of the facility.
The addition will contain a 1.5T, wide bore, magnetic resonance imaging scanner (the hospital previously had MRI services provided by a mobile scanner two days per week). Changes in the mobile MRI market, along with a desire to improve the MRI experience for patients, prompted the hospital management and board of directors to move forward with plans for a fixed site MRI suite. A temporary mobile unit, staffed by the hospital, is currently providing daily MRI service until construction is complete.
The project will be a positive addition to the facility and an improvement for patients. With the temporary unit currently in place, the hospital has expanded MRI services to five days a week and now employs MRI technologists. This schedule will continue once the new MRI unit is in place. In addition, the wide bore scanner can accommodate patients that may not be eligible for a scan in a standard unit due to size restrictions.
The wider-bore unit and the addition of strategically placed windows to allow natural light into the suite are designed to ease the closed-in feeling that some patients may feel during an exam. As an added benefit, a sound system in the unit allows the patient to listen to their choice of music during the test.
The new MRI unit is scheduled to be open in mid-December. An open house for the public is also in the planning stages.