Commissioners seek appointees for 2011 boards

The Starke County Commissioners are seeking interested, qualified, and community minded individuals for 2011 board appointments as follows:
Starke Regular Drain Board (36-9-27) one Commissioner appointments
Planning Commission (IC 36-7-4) one Commissioners appointments (1D)
Kankakee Iroquois Regional Plan Commission “K.I.R.P.C.” (IC 36-7-7) two Commissioner appointments
Health Board (IC 16-20) two Commissioners appointments (2D)
Aviation Board (IC 8-22) one Commissioner appointment (D)
Hospital Community Board two Commissioner appointments (2D)
Alcoholic Beverage Board (IC 7.1) one Commissioner appointment (R)
City Plan Commission (IC 36-7-4) one Commissioner appointment (D) must live in the two-mile jurisdiction
Regional Workforce Board one Commissioner appointment as recommended by SCED Director, Charles Weaver
Wage Commission two Commissioner appointments (1D & 1R)
P.T.A.B.O.A. Board (IC 6-1.1-13) two Commissioner appointments (1D & 1R)
Innkeepers Tax/Visitors Association Board (IC 6-9-18) three Commissioner appointments
Campground-Lodging rep
North Judson Tourist Destination - Business rep
San Pierre rep
Community Corrections Board (IC 11-12-2) four Commissioner appointments
Mental Health Administrator/Physician
Educational Administrator
Many of these boards require specific party affiliation under Indiana Code and are specifically noted. Party affiliation is determined by the most recent primary election in which the individual voted or a current letter of support provided by the party chairman.
Currently seated board members may be given preference for a subsequent term.
A complete list of boards, with the associated Indiana Code and/or eligibility requirements, can be found on the Starke County Web site at Submit letters of interest to the Starke County Commissioners, C/O the Starke County Auditor, 53 East Mound St., Knox, IN 46534. Submission deadline is the close of regular business hours Tuesday, Dec. 28, 2010.
For additional information contact the Starke County Commissioners: Dan Bridegroom, Kathy Norem, or Jennifer Davis.