Commissioners organize for the coming year

PLYMOUTH — It was a day to organize for the coming year for the Marshall County Commissioners as well as welcome new Commissioner Greg Compton.
Compton will take over the seat previously held by Tom Chamberlin, who left to assume his duties as Sheriff of Marshall County. He will also assume several of Chamberlin’s duties on various boards as the Commissioners representative.
The Commissioners voted to retain the current leadership roles for the coming year – Kevin Overmyer as President and Jack Roose as Vice President. Both will also continue their current roles as Commissioners representatives on several advisory boards as well as continuing to oversee current county projects.
In other matters:
• County Attorney Jim Clevenger reported on several ongoing matters. Two cases filed against the county have been dismissed. A federal court dismissed a case filed by a person who had been an inmate at the old county jail. An inmate alleged that he had been assaulted at the jail and had filed suit against the sheriff and employees at the jail saying they placed him in a cell with other inmates that they had knowledge would assault him if he were placed with them.
• The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission dismissed a case brought against Court Services by a former county employee. The former employee will have until March 17 to seek further action.
• Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck advised the Commissioners to accept the bids recently opened for materials for the department for the coming year except for three.
• Bids for polyurethane pipe by from St. Regis, road sign material from Rocal and Pen Products and equipment rental from Pioneer Associates were rejected because they did not meet bid specifications by providing a bid bond.
• Slage will begin work on the new Koontz Lake sewer project soon. The project will begin on the northwest side of the lake and move into the Marshall County portion later in the year.
• Thirty-nine properties that failed to be purchased in the last tax sale will be sold at a special Commissioners certificate sale later in the year.