Color Run to benefit Freedom Park

PLYMOUTH — This year's run for Freedom Park will be a bit more colorful, with the addition of three color stations. The event is on track for Saturday.

In a color run, walkers, runners or anyone taking part is dusted with colored corn starch at various points throughout the event. This is a twist added onto what is shaping up to be a good turnout, organizers said.

The event is to help raise funds for the proposed Freedom Park project, an all-inclusive playground that will eventually be located at the Hoosiers Old Wheel Pavilion.

“Freedom Park is going to be a playground for children of all abilities. It’s not just a run, but a walk, not a race. It’s not timed. It’s just a fun day that almost anybody can participate in,” said Sandi Allen, a Freedom Park committee member.

The course is just over three miles long. Those walking are welcome and encouraged to wear costumes during the course, a common event at color runs.

Additional details on the project and the event is in today's Pilot News. For information on the project, visit: the group’s website at