City streets open

The City of Knox was hit hard by the straight line winds that passed through the area on July 24. Knox Mayor Rick Chambers says, “All City streets are open. The Street Department is doing a great job, but there’s still a lot of limbs to be picked up as residents clear the debris from their yards. We’re also offering assistance to the elderly or other people in need who require assistance with clearing trees and limbs from their yards. Anyone needing help should contact the Mayor’s Office.” To request assistance, call 574-772-4553 or go to the City Hall at 101 W. Washington St., Knox.
Councilwoman Linda Berndt is heading efforts to organize volunteers to help with the cleanup. She also expressed continued concern about public safety, “The main issue is safety. Limbs are still falling down with little or no wind. Some broken branches may still be lodged in trees, and trees or branches that were weakened or split during the storm may break off.”
Wythogan Park sustained a great deal of damage from the storm, and the entire Park area is completely closed to the public until further notice. All Park activities scheduled for Harvest Fest are cancelled, and shelter rentals or other Park activities scheduled in August are cancelled. The Parks Department is in the process of obtaining professional assistance in removing 68 trees, and additional cleanup may be required when the trees are removed as the roots may shift in the sandy soil. Fences, playground equipment and dugouts also need to be repaired or replaced.
To eliminate liability concerns and prevent vandalism, the Knox Police Department will monitor all unauthorized entry to Wythogan Park.