City engineer praised for work

PLYMOUTH — City Engineer Rick Gaul received several compliments on his work for the City during a council meeting this week.
Gaul had given members of the board end-of-year –report that showed a total of 2,463 hours that he had worked. Although not on the Public Works Board, Council Member Mike Delp asked if he could address the report.
Delp said, "I’m not complaining."
He then said the number of hours worked was up from 2,080 in the year before.
“There are 300 plus hours that you essentially donated,” Delp said.
Gaul is a salaried employee and does not qualify for overtime pay.
“We are trying to keep track of hours on each project,” Gaul said.
Board Member Wayne Smith added, “We are far ahead of anyone else in this department (around the state). We appreciate everything you’ve done.”
Gaul had worked on a number of projects including the Oak Road expansion.
Delp suggested looking into an assistant for the department so that the city would not have to hire outside firms for part of the projects.
No action was taken on the suggestion.
In other business:
• Plymouth Fire Chief Andy Metsker requested and was granted permission to hire Melissa Clark as a permanent employee. Clark has been with the department for the past 11 months as a Fireman/Paramedic. The position was approved on a vote of 3-0. Board member Shawn Grobe was absent from the meeting.
• Street Department Superintendent Jim Marquardt asked the Common Council members to start thinking about sidewalk improvements in their Districts. Each of the council members submits a list of sidewalks that need repair or replacement. City Attorney Nelson Chipman said, "Actually, this is a very formal thing."
Chipman said they could have the submissions in February to present to the Council.
• Mayor Mark Senter said he will present his State of the City address Feb. 27. The date coincides with the last day that Chipman will hold the position of City Attorney. Chipman will be joining the staff of the Marshall County Prosecutor’s office.