The circus will never be the same

PLYMOUTH — There are several things that herald the coming of spring in the city of Plymouth - the first robin, leaves budding on the trees and the Plymouth High School Variety Show.
This year’s show is affectionately entitled “Circus Bezerkus” and will run Friday and Saturday, May 6 and 7 at 7:30 p.m. in the PHS Auditorium. Doors will open at 7 p.m. for festival seating. Tickets are available at the door. All tickets are $7.
“We have a lot of clowns and mayhem going on,” said senior cast member Jessie Gibbs. “Jacob Pritchard the one man band is amazing. It’s worth the show just to see him.”
Putting the show together is a challenge for directors Brian Ames of the PHS Band, Mary Pat Glaub director of the PHS choir and Charlotte Tyree and Jane Faulstich of the theatre department.
“Our kids are busy kids, they are in all kinds of stuff so getting them all here is tough,” said Glaub of dress rehearsal week. “It’s great because we get to share responsibilities and kids. It’s a lot of fun because we try to give everybody a chance to do something they don’t normally do. It’s a very hectic week, but come Friday we’re very excited.”
A giant elephant will make its PHS stage debut and of course audience members will see senior Austin Craft shot from a cannon.
“Miss Faulstich walked up to me and said ‘Hey Austin do you want to be shot out of a cannon,’” said Craft. “That’s something you don’t always see on the PHS stage and if you’re offered a part in it, you take it.”
Both Gibbs and Craft are veterans of many shows on the PHS stage. So many in fact it seems to have affected Gibbs’ memory.
“Can I count on my fingers real quick,” she said with a laugh when asked how many shows she’s been in. “Let’s see that’s 11 right now and I’m going to audition for a 12 on Saturday.
“I liked (the theatre) since I was a little kid one of my friends was big into the theatre and I went to one of her shows and thought that was really cool and wanted to try it to.”
“Behind the curtain you get really nervous and then they announce the show and you hear the audience clapping and that fuels you to get ready for the show because you know no matter what you do they’re going to like it.”
Any particular moment that you’ll take away?
“One moment I probably shouldn’t say,” said Craft. “Probably my favorite moment was at the end of last year’s winter play. I was playing John Tyree’s big brother and I was protecting him from another kid and we get in a fight about it. Every time we did the scene it was intense and got more so every night.”
Any tips for your fans out there Austin?
“I don’t know that I have too many fans, but I would just like to say come and support the PHS band, choir and theatre department. Every Variety Show is completely different. It’s just the place to be.”
Also in the cast
Crimson Connection: Jace Allen, Jack Bowen, Joseph Brennan, Kendall Cooper, Jenny Dudash, Bryce England, Karl Faulstich, Tori Fox, Cassie Gaines, Katie Galloway, Jessie Gibbs, Sarah Gouker, Priscilla Hammonds, Austin Haynes, Olivia Hilliard, Becca Houser, Margaret Howard, Kaitlyn Lenne, Tayler May, Blake Miller, Blake Milliser, Josh Mora, Alex Moore, Morgan O’Neal, Elias Ortiz, Gina Rodeghero, Ty Shively, Tyler Switzer, Eli Wendt.
Winter Color Guard and Drumline: Snares: Leah Cook, Lindsey Holloway Tenors: Jacob Harley, Patrick Gouverneur Basses: Greg Rundle, Elizabeth Wolford, Wesley Seidelman, Justin Buchert Percussion: Jacob Pritchard, Jared Beabout, Ben Piazza, Taylor Scott Color Guard: Kristen Gergely, Tori Fox, Tor MacLain, Cynthia Lua, Ana Miranda, Addie Palmer, Holly Gosky, Kelsey Berger, Katie Lee, Rinda Scott.
Theatre Arts Class: Hope Babcock, Christine Beckman, Kelcy Berger, April Bowen, Kannika Chaisri, Colton Dutcher, Jarrod Ellis, Matthew Flynn, Miranda Gayheart, McKenzie Goble, Brandon Gouker, Sarah Lindvall, Katelyn Lowry, Blake Milliser, Isabel Seago, Alissa Ulrich, Eli Wendt.
Pit Orchestra Members: Scott, Nicole Splix, Adam Fish, Elizabeth Wolford. Violins: Matthew Scutch-field, Matthew Libersky. Saxophones: Addie Palmer, Greg Rundle, Chris Eberly, Katelynn Brashere. Trum-pets: Taylor Jones, Andy Bollenbacher, Shelby Haisley. Trombones: Jack Garrison, Kameron Eisenhour. Baritone: Mike Berger. Tuba: Brandon Brashere. Percussion: Lindsey Holloway, Ben Piazza.
Specialty Dancers: Cinthia Lua, Dakota Bradley, Gina Rodeghero, Holly Gosky, Jenny Dudash, Jessie Gibbs, Katie Galloway, Katie Lee, Kendall Cooper, Krissy Wieringa, Kristen Gergely, Macie McMichael, Mandy McPherron, Markee Farker, Morgan Hite, Olivia Hilliard, Priscilla Hammonds, Rinda Scott, Sarah Gouker, Tori Fox, Tori Godwin,Tori MacLain, Ana Miranda.
Circus Chorus: Jace Allen, Jack Bowen, April Bowen, Dakota Bradley, Joseph Brennan, Gianella, Cerriteno, Kannika Chaisri, Celeste Cook, Kendall Cooper, Stephanie Diedrich, Jenny Dudash, ShawnMichael Duff, Bryce England, Markee Farler, Karl Faulstich, Tori Fox, Cassie Gaines, Katie Galloway, Kristen Gergely, Jessie Gibbs, Tori Godwin, Holly Gosky, Sarah Gouker, Priscilla Hammonds, Austin Haynes, Olivia Hilliard, Morgan Hite, Becca Houser, Margaret Howard, Marie LaValle, Katie Lee, Kaitlyn Lenne, Cinthia Lua, Tori MacLain, Elizabeth Masson, Tayler May, Car-rissa May, Macie McMichael, Mandy McPherron, Emily Merritt, Tia Merritt, Mike Meyer, Blake Miller, Blake Milliser, Alex Moore, Josh Mora, Rachel O’Brien, Morgan O’Neal, Elias Ortiz, Kate Peters, Sarah Puglisi, Faith Read, Isamar Reyna, Gina Rodeghero, Tonya Roeder, Isaac Rosentreter, Ty Shively, Lauren Smith, Tyler Switzer, Morgan Thomas, Sophie Urban, Eli Wendt, Krissy Wieringa, Sam Anthony.
Jazz Ensemble: Saxes: Justin Buchert, Nate Johnson, Caitlin Coombs, Tabitha Sherwood, Addie Palmer, Tyler Crum, Kyle Barry. Trombones: Eric Johnson, Jack Garrison, Kameron Eisenhour, Michael Berger. Trumpets: Stephen Johnson, Katie Lee. Guitars: Jacob Harley, Matt Reese, Charles Arce. Percussion: Patrick Gouverneur, Leah Cook, Alex Thompson.
Emcees: April Bowen, Rebecca Brumbaugh, Markee Farler, Kelsey Shaffer, Tyler Switzer.
Stage Crew: Lighting Technicians: Billie Carothers, Denis Watson, Adam Lacefield, Daniel Johnson. Sound Engineers: Cody Langdon, Jordan Knapp, Christina Kozel. Backstage Wing Managers: Cody Benjamin, Shaylee Vice.
Backstage Crew: Andrew Youst, Michael Yoder, Tyler Vermillion, Ben Shortt, AJ Ruffing, Andrew Popielski, Trisha Neidlinger, Ashton Morrow, Daren Miller, Dani Letsinger, Ryan Leslie, Phillip Iwinski, Amanda Irwin, Brittany Gantz, Bellinda Bottorff, Cody Banks.