Chipman to serve on key IACT Committee

PLYMOUTH – Plymouth City Attorney Nelson Chipman will have a chance to serve beyond the city limits in the coming year.
Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter’s office announced that Chipman was appointed by Matthew C . Greller, Executive Director of the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns (IACT) as a member of the IACT’s Legislative Committee. The committee will be chaired by Mayor Jason Thompson of Monticello and co-chaired by Mayor Greg Goodnight of Kokomo.
“I’ve already started getting emails on bills that affect cities and towns that we’re going to need to look at – strictly city related bills,” said Chipman just a day after his appointment by Greller to the Committee. “We’re going to have a very small window to take a look at all the legislation that will have an effect on cities and towns in the coming session.”
“The people on the IACT have gotten to know me since I became President of the Indiana Municipal Lawyers Association in June of this year and part of that is that I serve on the board for the IACT,” said Chipman. “I’m sure that my responsibility will be as somebody that will advise and be used as a sounding board for the committee on legislative issues.”
There are several bills before the state legislature that will have a big impact on city government.
“Probably the bill that’s gained the most attention is a bill that would prohibit city or town employees from being a member of the Council in the same city in which they are employed,” said Chipman. “It’s a bill that supported by the IACT and it’s been kind of a hot topic.”
The Committee’s primary duties will be to;
• Review legislative proposals from the IACT membership and staff;
• Design legislation in response to policies and resolutions adopted at the IACT Annual Conference;
• Provide testimony and other legislative representation and support activities on behalf of IACT;
• Act as spokespersons and communicators with media, membership and other groups on legislative matters;
• Monitor and review legislative developments during the General Assembly and interim study period;
• Maintain communication with House and Senate members as IACT issues develop;
• Review and recommend policy resolutions for consideration at the IACT Annual Conference.
The Committee will be an important one for the IACT in light of Governor Mitch Daniels’ published intent of his priority items for this session of the legislature. 
“The Governor has stated that local government reform is a priority item with him in this session,” said Chipman. “It should be an interesting process.”