Brown gets 50 years for death of stepson

Stacie Brown was sentenced last week in Starke County Circuit and will spend the next 50 years in prison for the June 21, 2011 death of her stepson Ethan Brown.
Young Ethan died from injuries he sustained at his stepmother's hand June 18, 2011.
When police brought Brown in for question in Aug. 2011, she told Detective Dave Combs that she was taking care of Ethan and her 18-month-old daughter, while her husband was at work. She said she became angry with the toddler because he was fighting with his stepsister. Brown said she shoved Ethan to the floor, where he struck his head.
Brown also told Combs that she knew the fall had injured Ethan because he was acting strangely: He was slow in his responses, clumsy. Brown said she then put Ethan to bed. After awhile, Brown went to check on Ethan and found him warm to the touch. That Sunday morning, when she tried to get him up, he didn’t want to wake. Brown said she considered getting the child medical attention, but then decided not to.
Ethan's father Trampes Brown was unaware the child had been injured until Brown told him he was having difficulty breathing. At that point Trampes Brown gathered his son and took him to IU Starke Hospital. Stacie Brown accompanied her husband and stepson.
Medical staff on duty when young Ethan was brought in contacted authorities because Ethan had signs of abuse.
The child had no pulse, a skull fracture, severe swelling to his brain and multiple bruises to his head and face.
Ethan died at 2:35 p.m. Tuesday, June 21, three days after his fatal fall, at Memorial Hospital of South Bend as a result of his injuries.
Initially, Brown was charged with two Class A Felonies: Battery resulting in death and Neglect of a dependent resulting in death. However, after she plead guilty to Battery Causing Death, a Class A Felony, the State dropped the second count of Neglect of a Dependent Resulting in Death.
During her sentencing, Ethan's mom, Kristin Siebolt shared a few words. Siebolt said she believes that Brown's sentence was just. She also said that even though her son's death haunts her, she does forgive Stacie Brown for causing his death. Siebolt also said that she hoped Brown would find salvation.
Other members of young Ethan's family also talked about God and how He is what helped them all to survive such a heartbreaking loss.
Brown told Starke County Circuit Court Judge Kim Hall that she was sorry about her actions that resulted in the death of her stepson. He only defense was she set she let her emotions get out of control.