Brenda Uceny sends a thank you to fans and supporters of Morgan

PLYMOUTH — Moved by the outpouring of support for her daughter Morgan Uceny as she made a run at the gold in the women’s Olympic 1500-meters in London last week, Brenda Uceny wishes to send a personal thanks to everyone who showed support and encouragement to Morgan and the rest of the Uceny family.
She writes:
“We started this journey earlier in the year not knowing where it would take us!  Oh my, what a journey it was. Where do we begin? Deb Palmer started the ball rolling by having the 5k fun run/walk. Judy Weston got on board with t-shirt sales, Heather Maxson King along with friends whipped up the Morgan bead necklaces. Kings Jewelry designed the Run Mo Run magnetic inserts and Kim Richey along with Kelly Arce got the “rubber” bracelets on the wrists of hundreds of people. Oliver Ford made a commercial with the whole team sporting their t-shirts. Yoder’s Sports worked countless hours stamping out those t-shirts. Not to mention how all these items were shipped all over the United States to all the Morgan fans.
On behalf of Morgan and our family we want to THANK everyone for all of the generous support, whether it was a monetary gift or just a simple note/card waiting in our mailbox. This journey reacquainted us with classmates and long lost friends. We made new friends along the way and the list is still growing. 
The outcome might not have been the result we wanted… but we will all remember our own Plymouth country girl who chased a dream and nearly succeeded!  WOW — what a journey. We look forward to the next Olympics in Rio.
 THANK YOU AGAIN from the Ucenys!!”