Bremen police to enforce town animal ordinance

BREMEN — During the summer months complaints regarding dogs and cats increase. To reduce these complaints and the potential for injury to animals and people the Bremen Police Department would like to remind animal owners of the town ordinances regarding domestic animals.
All animals must be properly restrained at all times, including when walking in the park, and owners are responsible for cleaning up all their pet’s wastes. Animals also should not be allowed to bark, howl, whine or otherwise disturb or annoy any other resident.
All domestic animals must be licensed with the Town of Bremen and any animal that is trained to attack like a guard dog, or that is any part of a Pit Bull Terrier breed, must have a Dangerous Animal / Attack Dog Permit. Permits are available at the Bremen Town Clerk’s office for $50.
An attack dog is defined in the town’s ordinance as meaning “any dog trained to attack upon command or those (animals) that do attack or have attacked another animal or human being.”
Dogs with any degree of Pit Bull (including cross breed animals) are considered to be unsafe, “potentially hazardous to the citizens of The Town of Bremen.” With this specification are additional responsibilities for the dog owners. The designated animals are to be kept in an escape-proof enclosure and if not, confined, reigned, tethered and muzzled. The animal owner must also show proof of insurance that covers liability for the pet’s damage to people or other animals.
The cost to license a non-attack dog or Pit Bull breed pet is $2 if neutered ($1 for senior citizens’ pets) and $10 if not neutered.
The Bremen Police Department has two part-time animal control officers that will be assisting the police officers in enforcing the ordinances involving animals, including ticketing owners and taking custody of animals in violation of the ordinances when required.
The Bremen Police Department hopes that complaints can be avoided by citizens understanding and complying with the domestic animal ordinance. For more information about the ordinance contact the Bremen Police Department at 574-546-3456.