Bremen Kids Triathlon winners awarded

BREMEN — Organizers of the Bremen Kids Triathlon July 14 say it was a wonderful day.
“It was amazing not only to see our young athletes out there working their little hearts out but also to witness all off the sponsors and volunteers come together to make this event possible,” said event organizer Courtney Hepler. “The day was an amazing celebration of the healthy caring community of Bremen!”
Ninety-five children competed each of them finishing with a strong valuable lesson of the goals they can each accomplish when they set their minds to it.
“I was so proud of each child who competed and so grateful and humbled by the amazing support of our sponsors and volunteers,” Hepler said. “A big thank you to everyone who helped make this event possible and helped to encourage and instill the importance of lifelong physical activities in our children.”
Every finisher received a medal and trophy winners were as follows:
Group 5/6 girls — First, Emma Heller, Second, Kate Behrens; Third, Sylvia Meyer; Fourth, Kaia Podlin; and Fifth, Samantha Legge
Group 5/6 boys — First, Miles Nine; Second, Austin Pflunger; Third, Kellen McClaid; Fourth, Braeden Messenger; and Fifth, Braden Fox
Group 7/8 girls — First, Taylor Haseley; Second, Jessie Yelaska; Third, Allison Jeffirs; Fourth, Katie Barnes; and Fifth, Jaylin Swint
Group 7/8 boys — First, Alistair Byrd; Second; Brady Hunsberger; Third, Avery Ace; Fourth, Brad Grove; and Fifth, Zachary Pflunger
Group 9/10 girls — First, Madison Smith; Second, Emily Smith; Third, Ashlyn Johnson; Fourth, Erin Coffel; and Fifth, Caroline Fish
Group 9/10 boys — First, Ben Behrens; Second, Jacob Fish; Third, Mason Porter; Fourth, Collin Moren; and Fifth, Logan Heller
Group 11/12 girls — First, Ariana Arce; Second, Brooklyn Messenger; Third, Harley Boocher; Fourth, Katie Yelaska; and Fifth, Natalie Gutlerrez
Group 11/12 boys — First, Donald McArdle; Second, Nicholas Smith; Third, Nate Behrens; Fourth, Kenny Hilgendorf and Preston Porter; and Fifth, Carter Filchak
Group 13/14 girls — First, Katie Hodson; Second, Madison Coffel; Third, Hannah Walter; Fourth, Samantha McArdle; and Fifth, Emma Hundt
Group 13/14 boys — First, Lane Flowers; Second, Stephen Spence; and Third Evan Reed
Group 15/16 boy — First, Garret Flowers.