Bremen High School continues to meet academic targets of AYP

BREMEN – Bremen High School’s record of excellence continues.
Since 2002, BHS has only missed AYP two times – once in 2006 and now this year – and both were in the category of graduation rate.
At the high school level, AYP is based on participation and performance in English 10 and Algebra 1 End of Course Assessments and ISTAR, along with four-year graduation rate.
In order to pass the attendance category, the BHS Class of 2009 needed to meet the target graduation rate of 88.6. The class scored 86.5, which resulted in missing AYP.
However, students well surpassed the targets in English and Math performance and participation. 
“The staff at Bremen High School strives to make progress in academic achievement and attendance/graduation rates each year,” Jennings said. “In fact, our school improvement goals for 2010-11 include having a 98 percent attendance rate for grades 9-12 and a 92 percent graduation rate for the Class of 2011.” 
The graduation rate at Bremen High School is dependent on the number of students who can earn the necessary 47 credits and pass the required Graduation Qualifying Exam within four years. Historically, BHS has not provided waivers of the criteria that would enhance the graduation rate.
“With the support of parents and patrons, Bremen High School will continue to maintain high expectations and standards while making Adequate Yearly Progress.”
While results for the Class of 2010 have not yet been reported, Jennings anticipates a graduation rate in excess of 90 percent for that cohort group.