BREAKING: Stone Creek plant shuts down, lays off all employees

PLYMOUTH — It was about 10:30 Thursday morning when all employees at Stone Creek Homes in Plymouth were gathered by the human resource manager and the general manager for a plant meeting.
Employees were told that they were all being laid off, and that they should gather their personal belongings and leave.
"They said Dave (Ferguson, Stone Creek CEO) was not in today and they weren't sure what was going on," said former Stone Creek Quality Control manager Lisa Milam Friday.
Ferguson did not return a message left on his cell phone Friday, and no one answered the phone at the Plymouth plant.
Milam said that it is her belief that the company is broke. The Nebraska plant was also shut down and all employees let go.
"(Ferguson's) motto was, 'building communities and changing lives'…well, he sure is changing lives, in a horrible way," continued Milam. "We all have children to feed and bills to pay."
Marshall County Economic Development director Jennifer Laurent said Friday that her office had heard of the situation from several Stone Creek Homes employees, but she declined to comment further because she did not have details.

Watch for updates on this developing story.