Boys and Girls Club kids knit hats for newborns

PLYMOUTH — Eight young girls excitedly gathered in the lobby of Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center(SJRMC) Thursday morning.
After spending most of the summer knitting tiny hats, they were ready to hopefully find some willing babies to wear their creations.
This is the fourth year that the Marshall County Boys & Girls Club kids have dedicated their summer to knitting hats for newborns.
Sue Holland, art director, and assistant teacher Glenna Huffman, worked with a group of 21 youngsters over the summer to knit 82 baby bonnets.
Some in the group were experienced knitters, but many had just learned to knit that summer.
Holland said that one of the girls, Ashley Borg, had single-handedly knit more than 30 hats.
“She’s our knitting machine,” said Holland.
The girls timidly made their way back to the obstetric department, where they waited anxiously while the nurses on duty checked if any parents would be willing to let them bring a hat to their baby. Fortunately, one family was willing to see the girls, and they quickly went through the bags of hats to find just the right one. Chaos momentarily ensued before program director Andrea Schoof made the suggestion that the girls let the parents pick out a hat for their baby.
Haley Boal, who knitted the hat parents Ted and Marie Westafer chose for their son Boston, said that she had just learned to knit two months ago. Boston, who had just arrived at around 6 that morning, received the bright blue hat without much fanfare — he was asleep during the fitting.
Obstetrics manager Mich-elle Seese said that they are very happy to receive the hats each year from the Boys and Girls Club, and hopes they will continue to donate them. Seese added that some of the smaller hats will be sent to Newborn Intensive Care in the South Bend hospital. The other hats will be left at the hospital for the staff to distribute to moms and babies.