Bourbon police department receives grant for defibrillator

BOURBON— It was police chief William Martin's goal to have a defibrillator in every Bourbon squad car. He was pursing getting a grant for the funds when Officer Ben McIntire found a grant application on the Lifepack Defibrillator website. "We were on the website, checking out prices, and Officer McIntire found the information about their grant," said Martin. Within a month of filling out the application online, the Bourbon police department was approved for the funds to purchase a third defibrillator, providing one for every squad car. The grant they received from Lifepack Defibrillator paid for half of the new defibrillator, and the police department paid for the other half. Martin anticipates ordering the new defibrillator soon. "It's a good cause for our community," said Martin. "It could save someone's life." Chief Martin plans on offering a CPR class for his police force through the Bourbon EMS. The class will cover training on using the A.E.D. device. Eventually, Martin hopes to use all three of their newer defibrillators in squad cars and place older units in town buildings for use in case of an emergency