Bogguss to perform at Goshen Theatre Feb. 2

GOSHEN — Country singer and songwriter Suzy Bogguss may be known for her musical stylings in hits like “Outbound Plane” and “Aces,” but she also has another talent.
“I yodel — that’s kind of my parlor trick,” confessed Bogguss.
The 1992 CMA award winner will be visiting Goshen Feb. 2 as part of a tour promoting her recent album, American Folk Songbook. Bogguss said she decided to “lightheartedly” record some Americana style music she remembered from her childhood.
“I’ve always been pretty eclectic anyway: I like of lot of different styles (of music),” said Bogguss. “I grew up in the Midwest, in Illinois, and I had the greatest music teachers as a kid. (In the album) we sing songs from my fifth grade songbooks that kids today don’t know anymore.”
Her new tunes — updated versions of Froggy Went A Courtin’, Red River Valley, and other favorites — were released last summer. This was Bogguss’ first album release since a Christmas compilation in 2010.
“It’s really more of a Americana record than a children’s record,” said Bogguss. “Songs like this tend to morph and evolve. Froggy Went A Courtin’ originally had 170 verses — so I didn’t do them all.”
For the February show, Bogguss plans to play her new folk songs as well as many of her older country and swing hits. She said that her music isn’t “classically country” in that it appeals to many different people, country and non-country fans alike.
“I don’t sing with a lot of acrobatics,” said Bogguss. “I really respect the melody of the song. I think for me, the best thing is to present the song without trying to be such an instrumentalist with my voice. I’m really more about the story in the song.”
Performing in a small setting such as the Goshen Theatre enables Bogguss to interact with her audience, something that she enjoys.
“Live music is a unique experience, because it’s never the same show twice,” said Bogguss. “We kind of flow and see how the audience is reacting. That’s the beauty of smaller theaters, you can actually hear what people are saying to you. It’s more of a sharing experience.”
When she’s not yodeling or writing songs, Bogguss likes to explore another hobby — metalwork. Bogguss has a bachelor’s degree in the art form, and is currently taking classes to brush up on her skills.
“It’s one of those things that you have to keep practicing at,” said Bogguss.
She makes much of her own jewelry, and is thinking about selling pieces she’s made in the future.
“I do pretty rugged stuff — kind of chunky, bohemian pieces,” said Bogguss.
She didn’t say whether she planned to wear any of her creations at her upcoming show, but the artist will be bringing her best vocal talents to Goshen Theatre on Feb. 2, beginning at 7:30 p.m. For ticket information, visit or call the Goshen Theater, 574-312-3701.