Board of Public Works and Safety Agenda for August 11, 2014

The Board of Public Works and Safety will hold their regular meeting at the Council Chambers at the Garro Street entrance ofn August 11, 2014. Below is posted their agenda for the session.

City of Plymouth
Agenda for City Meetings August 11, 2014
Council Chambers, 124 N. Michigan Street, Plymouth, Indiana
(Garro Street Entrance)
If you are disabled and need special accommodations, please call the ADA Coordinator at 574-936-2948.
Board of Public Works and Safety
6:00 p.m.
1. Call to Order, Roll Call
2. Minutes for Approval
- Regular Session of the Board of Public Works and Safety Meeting of July 28, 2014
3. Reports
- Board Members – Mayor
- Department Heads
- Utility Superintendent: Eagle Scout request
- Building Commissioner
- Fire Chief
- Police Chief
- Street Superintendent
4. City Engineer: Comcast for Mid City Supply – Financial Guarantee
5. City Attorney
6. Secretary and Finance Officer: Requests
An Davis Scaffolding Request
Masonic Lodge Parking Request during Blueberry Festival
7. Approval of Claims
8. Other Business: Michelle Iqbal – Discussion of Order to Take Action Regarding 400 E. Jefferson St.
9. Acceptance of Communications
10. Adjournment