Board members hear reports and requests

BOURBON — Triton School Corporation Transportation Director Kris Berger presented his annual report to the school board members Sept. 13. Berger told the board that the bus drivers log 687 miles each day with 335 of those being special education busing. According to Berger, the buses transport 570 students on 13 regular routes and three special educational needs routes. Berger said, “We have one student that we drive 73 miles one way to Knox each day.”
Berger also explained that they had three new special education students enroll the Monday prior.
Berger classified his bus fleet as good; however, he said there is still a problem with rusting due to moisture in the back building of his department. Board member Debbie Shively said, “I thought we talked about that before.” Berger replied, “They did, but nobody ever did anything about it.”
Berger also summarized the extra-curricular transportation figures including sports for the 2009-2010 school year. He said the total number of miles was 27,184 with a cost of $66,176.58.
The board conducted a public hearing on the 2011 budget, three-year Capital Projects Fund and the 12-year Bus Replacement Fund. Immediately following the public hearing the board voted unanimously to adopt the CPF and Bus Replace-ment Plans. Consideration of adoption of the plans and the 2011 budget is scheduled for Oct.1.
Reimbursement to the General Fund now comes from the state. Superinten-dent Carl Hilling said, “The governor has said he will not cut budgets this year.” The official “count day” will be Friday (Sept. 17). The total number of students in attendance on that day will determine the reimbursement payments from the state.
Hilling anticipates an enrollment of 1,024. Due to the new laws that allow students to attend Triton schools from other districts, the Triton schools will be able to capture funds for approximately 40 out-of –district students.
In other matters, the board approved a list of 31 fundraisers that will help to fund the various organizations within the corporation. The annual consignment auction sponsored by the FFA will likely be moved to the fall. Triton Jr.-Sr. High School Assistant Principal Bob Ross said the move was at the suggestion of local farmers.
An addition to the fundraisers usually seen on the list was a parent’s night out, and a throw-a thon scheduled for some time in the winter. Other fundraisers include: A car wash, Market Day, Spirit Jewelry, sucker sales, roller skating, discount card sales, cookie dough, magazine sales, fall bulbs, book fair, coffee sales, T-shirt sale, chicken sale, cheese/ sausage, and fruit sales. Additional fundraisers in-clude: Assorted nut sales, spaghetti supper, scratch-off donation cards, dips and specialties, chicken dinner, pizza sales, book sale, Marshall County Toy Show, home-run derby or hit-a thon, golf scramble, water and juice sales, flowers and candy sakes, and chicken sales. The various fundraisers are held from the summer months though the end of the school year in May or June.
The board voted 5-0 on a number of personnel items. Resignations were accepted for Steve McBride (end of 2010-2011 school year), Christine Cook and Linda Bowdler as elementary drama coaches (pending the hiring of replacements to fill the positions), and Cathy Strycker as a Destination ImagiNation coach (pending a replacement for the position).
Hires included Carolyn Kaufman as a high school instructional assistant and Virginia Davis as an elementary instructional assistant. Both Kaufman and Davis were previously employed by JESSE.
The board also voted 5-0 to approve the hire of Carmen Meister as the seventh grade girls volleyball coach and Samantha Keel as the eighth grade girls volleyball coach.
Blanket approval was extended to Lisa Eiser and Jennifer Mosier (Destination ImagiNation), Carol Bules and June Klotz (Aces), and Nancy Norman and Michelle Waymouth as seventh grade sponsors. Mason McIntyre recommended blanket approval for both Emily Grubbs (varsity cheerleader sponsor) and Dara Greenawalt (elementary cheerleader sponsor). The request was approved for both positions.
Pay approval was given to Layne Leeper as the summer baseball coach for the 13-15-year-old program. Leeper replaced Jeff Christner who was originally approved as the coach, but was unable to fulfill the duties.
School Attorney Mark Wagner attended the meeting to oversee the consideration of the resolutions concerning the newly-formed Building Corporation. Wagner said the approval was for the formation of a Building Corporation and for the forms of QSCB (Qualified School Construction Bond) and tax exempt lease.
Area residents Bob Ross and Louise Mason were named as representatives to the Common Construction Wage Committee for both projects. It was noted that the two projects could have different wage assignments, but could be considered by the same representatives.
The board members were pleased to accept a donation from the Bourbon Children’s Resale presented by Ashley Doll. The donation was for $300.
Art teacher Diana Westphal requested approval for two proposed trips for Art Club members and chaperones. The first trip is scheduled for Oct. 16, when students will take a day trip to Chicago to visit the Art Institute of Chicago, The Willis Tower Skydeck, and take a sculpture walk through State and Dearborne Streets to see the public sculpture on display. The cost per student was listed at $50 however, the fees are being offset through a fundraiser.
The second trip will be to Europe and include Paris, France and Milan, Florence and Rome, Italy in the summer of 2012. Westphal said there would be no cost involved for the 10-day trip for the Triton School Corporation. Student fees are estimated at $2,900 and adult costs as $3,235.
The board approved both proposed trips.