Board discusses work in southern Marshall County

PLYMOUTH — Work will begin to start to alleviate some drainage issues around the town of Argos.
The Marshall County Drainage Board accepted bids for work to be done on the Myers Ditch that is on the town’s southwest side near the Madras Packaging facility.
The board received four bids for the work with the low bidder — J.D. Excavating — being awarded the work with a bid of $105,450. The project had an estimated cost of $114,474.
The Board signed a petition sent by landowners in the area of the Henry Snyder Ditch near Tippecanoe to look at reconstructing the structure and placing it on a maintenance assessment. The ditch is off Gumwood Road south of 18th Road.
Surveyor Larry Fisher suggested that as the board considers the request they also look at placing the entire watershed in the area. Fisher told the board that some landowners in the area have as many as four different assessments for four different ditches.
It was Fisher’s suggestion that the board look at placing the entire watershed under a single assessment in order to simplify paperwork.
“We need to hear what the folks down there want to do,” said Fisher. “They may want to do it this way or they may not, but it wouldn’t hurt to find out.”
The Board will look at combining the watershed together into one as part of the work on the Henry Snyder Ditch. To allow for proper notices to all landowners and research on the amount of work needing to be done it will likely be March before a public hearing will be held.