Blueberry Festival carries high price tag

PLYMOUTH — The cost of putting on the four-day Blueberry Festival in Plymouth's Centennial Park carries a hefty price tag. This year's festival is expected to cost nearly $800,000.

Bringing in top entertainment, such as last year's Jake Owen and this year's headliners, Montgomery Gentry, are a portion of those expenses. But other items, such as security, portable toilets and other needs chew up even more of the budget.

The Blueberry Festival also has paid for upgrades to Park facilities, at their cost, without tax payer support.

Board member Bob Brown explained: “If we moved that’s gonna be a serious impact on us. We’ve got so much money, tens of thousands of dollars invested in that park underground, all the electric, the water, the sewer lines.”

Additional costs are detailed in today's edition of the Pilot News.