Blue dress worn by 3 generations

PLYMOUTH — When Charlotte Bender of Plymouth purchased the light blue frilly dress for her first daughter in 1955, she had no idea that her great-granddaughters would still be wearing the dress in 2011.
Since the dress was purchased, eleven babies have worn it in a photo taken at 6 months of age — a family tradition that, with any luck, will continue.
“The dress is so thin you can see through it,” said Christen White, Bender’s granddaughter.
White added that when she unpacked the dress to put on her daughter Danielle, she thought it was green because the color had faded. Her grandmother informed her that the dress was originally blue.
“(The dress) was very important to my wife,” said John Bender, Charlotte’s husband. “She started this tradition back then and all the (girls) like it. It’s something to be proud of.”
The next candidate for the dress has already been born — Laila Silverman, who is John and Charlotte Bender’s great-granddaughter. She will be pictured in the dress when she is 6 months old, which is the rule according to White.

While the fragile dress awaits its next candidate, it is stored at the Bender’s home, wrapped in pink tissue paper and placed lovingly in a grey cardboard box. White said that she hopes the dress will survive a little longer.
“Hopefully (since) the dress is still around, I can pass it down to my kid’s kids,” said White.