BEAM helps clean river

The largest contingent yet of volunteers to help clean a section of the Yellow River turned out Aug. 28.
Twenty-seven individuals — including students and adults — helped clean the section of the river between West Park, Bremen, and 4th Road bridge. It was the largest number of volunteers to help since the inception of the river clean-up program in 2005, organizers said. The parent organization for the Yellow River Volunteers is the state-run Hoosier Riverwatch.
Three organizations were well-represented, including BEAM (Bettering Every Aspect of Marshall County), a high school group headed by Bruce Jennings; Bremen FFA headed by Chad Berger, and the Boy Scouts of America.
Volunteers walked upstream, picking up trash, digging out fence posts and heavy, water-logged railroad ties and any other foreign objects. Some of the items found and removed included a rake, shovel, electric garage door opener, engine head, a 2-foot by 2-foot Styrofoam block, cinder blocks, siding, bottles, cans, and numerous plastic bags. The debris was passed by “bucket brigade” up the river’s banks and into a waiting dump truck. All of the debris was hauled away in one load, which organizers said has not always been possible.
The hope, they said, is for more volunteers to participate, “adopting” their own section of the Yellow River to clean. Anyone interested in learning more about the local effort, and the Adopt-A-Riber program by the DNR, could contact Connie and Larry Kipfer at 574-546-5733; Aldona and Rich Martin at 574-546-9495, or Hoosier Riverwatch in Indianapolis at 317-541-0617.