Baker Street Bridge work done, ready for festival

PLYMOUTH — With Blueberry Festival time fast approaching Plymouth's Baker Street will become one of the busiest city streets around.
With safety in mind the Marshall County Highway Department has completed some maintenance to the Baker Street Bridge.
"We took some boards off the sidewalk portion and replaced them with new boards and new nuts and bolts," said Marshall County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck. "We replaced them with better quality wood so hopefully these will last a little longer."
Haeck said that he hoped the new boards would last at least 10 years. The boards that his crews replaced had been there for eight years.
Every bridge in Marshall County is inspected by a qualified engineer every other year. The county then receives a report and plans maintenance to each bridge as needed. The Baker Street bridge - a wood bridge - will be inspected and undergo any other routine maintenance in a few years.
"Both types of bridges (wood and concrete) have their pros and cons," said Haeck. "The bottom line is that a wood bridge is a little less expensive, but when you receive federal funds for a project they won't fund a wooden bridge so you have to use concrete on those projects."

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