Argos celebrates Memorial Day with parade

ARGOS — While optimistic race fans, weekend-warrior do-it-yourselfers and campers alike can attest to the soggy weather the end of May generally has planned for us, we were blessed this Memorial Weekend with uncharacteristic sunny skies and temperatures warranting a heat advisory.
Memorial Day Monday morning was the perfect outdoor opportunity for a much deserved tribute in honor or our fallen soldiers of the United States Armed Forces.
The American Legion Post 68 of Argos hosted a delightful parade in celebration of the freedom America and Her people are afforded due to the sacrifices many men, women and families have made in the past and still continue to make. The parade of Veterans, Ladies Auxiliary, Argos high school marching band, Boys Scouts of America, fire department, EMS and many other contributors proudly marched through town with numerous cheerful supporters on the sidelines, as well as those devotees waiting in the park for the processions arrival.
As the celebration line arrived at the park, Veteran Jerry Becker led the ceremony, announcing Pastor Dewey Miller, of the Argos First United Methodist Church, to conduct the opening prayer.
Pastor Miller offered sentiments in tribute and honor of those who have giving their lives for our country, prior to performer Tony Hutchinson, of the Argos high school band, who sang the National Anthem -beautifully as he hit all the right notes.
Following Hutchinson’s sincerely moving contribution to the Memorial Day celebration, the Argos high school band played an upbeat version of ‘God Bless America’ and Pastor Miller read Scripture from Letters to the Hebrews; encouraging all to recognize how the men and women of the military chose to lead their lives and that we should be emboldened by their legacy.
The Ladies Auxiliary placed a wreath for the crosses in the park that recognize those of the Argos community who have given their lives and Veteran Becker read the twenty-three names of those soldiers that surrendered their lives for our freedom in either WWI, WWII, The Korean War or The Vietnam War. Following was a 3-Volley Salute and a superb rendition of Taps, played on the bugle by Veteran James Mechling, which humbled the respectful crowd that had gathered.
Pastor Miller offered a closing prayer prior to a brief ceremony at the Argos Cemetery; succeeding was a buffet lunch graciously sponsored by the ladies of the Argos American Legion Post 68.