Anti-bullying message resounds with many

ROCHESTER — When 21-year-old Mallory Wyatt, of Rochester, decided to make a video last week to encourage young people struggling with being bullied, she never imagined the response she would get.
“I decided I wanted to make a video to show people that they don’t always know what is going on in others' lives, and they shouldn’t make fun of (people),” said Wyatt. “I just thought (people) in Rochester would see it.”
The three-minute video was viewed more than 8,000 times in less than a week. In it, Wyatt holds a notebook up to the screen with her story written out over several pages. She explains how her father, Bill Wyatt, raised her and her older brother Brandon after their mother abandoned them. The video features a Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song, “My Guardian Angel,” and the band sent Wyatt a message through Twitter telling her that they liked her video and approved of the use of their song.
Wyatt began to receive thousands of messages from people all over the world who had seen her video. They told their own stories of being bullied and thanked Wyatt for her support. One young woman sent Wyatt a message over Facebook, saying that the video had literally saved her life.
“That one made me cry,” said Wyatt.
Wyatt’s sweet honesty as she explains various hardships in her life is powerful, as is the scribbled phrase that shows up every few pages, “I firmly believe that God won’t give me more than I can handle.”
“I have always lived by that quote,” explained Wyatt. “For every single thing I do, I believe that God won’t give me more than I can handle.”
She admits that she has been bullied before, but added that she knows many people have experienced much worse than she has. Wyatt said that both online bullying and “in-person” bullying is a growing problem. The key to recovery, she believes, lies in sharing experiences with others.
“I want people to know that they need to let their feelings out rather than keep them locked in,” said Wyatt, who admits that as a shy and reserved person, she has held her own hurt feelings inside on previous occasions.
“Tell someone how you are feeling,” urged Wyatt. “If you keep it inside it will eat you up way worse than it should.”
Wyatt has been invited to speak at several area schools about bullying. In the meantime, she spends several hours each evening answering every message or comment she received about the video, keeping the promise she made to “be there” for other young people being bullied.

Mallory’s video can be found on by searching for “Mallory’s Story for You.”