Annual Lions’ party has many winners

BOURBON — The annual Halloween party hosted by the Bourbon Lions Club was also a success Saturday night with costumed residents of all sizes competing in games and contests.
Winners and their categories were:
Carving contest
Jack-O-lantern: First place, Corban Quance; second, Trinity Smith; third, Jaela Faulkner
Ghost: First place, Ethan O’Connor
Vampires: First place, Bryce Swihart; second, Trace Kelle; third, Kaylin Howard
Witches/Warlocks: First place, Samatha Edington; second, Lyta Dohnor; third, Barbie Price
Cartoon/Nursery Rhy-mes: First place, Nadie Stetler; second, Jackson Earl and Matthew Cole; third, Evan Vuittonet and Joshua Wagers
Pirates: First place, Jaela Faulkner; second, Austin Sims; third, Valerie Colwell
Princesses: First place, Riley Montgomery; second, Hannah Hooley
TV/Movies Characters: First place, Kelsey Hamilton; second, Lokie Doll and Haley Hooley; third, Breylon Wareham
Monsters: First place, Justin Wallace; second, Tony Stevens; third, Danny Davis and Kaylin Howard.
Groups/Best Couples: First place, Trent Barnhart Travis Barnhart, Brooke Kitch, and Brandon Kitch; second, Ian and Evan Ludwig
Misc. up to 5 years: First place, Katie Wilson; second, Aiden Sauer and Joseph Overmyer; third, Jayden Werley and Brayden Hooley
Misc. Grades 1-3: First place, Hunter McIntyre; second, Courtney Doll; third, Alexis Whitehurst and Joey Rolston
Misc. Grades 4-6: First place, Brenden Ray; second, Jenna Swihart; third, Logan Earl
Misc. Adults: First place, Amber Miller; second, Skyler Doll; third, Kaylee Quance
Grand Prize: First place, (TIE) Trent Barnhart, Travis Barnhart, Brooke Kitch and Brandon Kitch and First place, Nadie Stetler; second Brendan Ray; third, Riley Mongomery
Musical Chairs
4-6 years old: First place, Katie Wilson; second, Jocelynn Faulkner; third, Brandon Cole
7-10 years old: First place, Megan Lindsey; second, Siera Sheets; Kaylee Howard
11-14 years old: First place, Logan Earl; second, Valerie Colwell; third, Lane Stevens
15 years and older: First place, Ellis Ihnen; second, Julie Swihart; third, Stephanie Sims
Shoe Scramble
4-6 years old: First place, Brendan Cole; second, Jocelynn Faulkner
7-10 years old: First place, Mathew Cole; second, Trace Earl; third, Tony Stevens
11-14 years old: First place, Valerie Cole; second, Bryce Swihart; third Miranda Doll
15 years and older: First place, Amber Stills; second, Kayla Cole