Ancilla soccer bounced from playoffs

CINCINNATI, Ohio — Ancilla’s men’s soccer team was defeated 7-1 by Cincinnati State Technical on Wednesday in the first round of regional playoffs.
“We did not have the horses to keep up with Cincinnati’s quick and powerful attack,” said Ancilla coach Darren Gallgher. “They are a very well-coached team, and I would not be surprised if they made a deep run.”
Cincinnati came into the match against Ancilla with a 13-5-1 regular season record with a co-championship in the Ohio Community College Athletic Conference.
Rene Mejia and Alex Rosowicz combined for nine saves on the day for the Chargers.
Dominic Harris, Brandon Query, Ignacio Avilles, Lexi Reynoso and Nakilee Weni all gave strong performances against an experienced Cincinnati squad as Ancilla closed at 3-9-3.
“You look at our players that gave us a consistent performance, not just this game but all season, and I am excited for the future as we have a strong core of returners for next season,” said Gallagher. “For the second-year players I wish we could have advanced, but I appreciate their dedication and leadership this year.”