Airport work cost less than expected

PLYMOUTH — The Plymouth Board of Aviation was pleased to hear that the cracks in the airport runway have been sealed.
The board, which met Thursday night, has been under pressure to compete the project before weather conditions prevented work. The project was previously awarded to Phend & Brown after F.E. Harding Company withdrew its quote. The board then held a special meeting to award the bid to Phend & Brown for their quote of $44,790.58.
It was noted that the project actually came in around $2,000 less than quoted.
Board President Tom Flynn said, “They did a very, very nice job… above my expectations.”
Mark Shillington of Woolpert, Inc., consultants for the board, said, “It appears that they did more crack sealing than they invoiced for.”
In other news:
• Shillington addressed the board on the need to complete a Capital Projects Plan that could be reviewed at the December meeting for submission to the FAA by Feb. 1, 2011. He explained there are three types of funding awards including non-primary entitlement, state appropriated funds, and discretionary funds, adding that the non-primary entitlement is $150,000 each year. He indicated the Plymouth Airport competes for the state appropriations with all of the airports in Indiana and Illinois.
• Appearing before the board was Troy Church and Dave Elliott of Sky Sports, Inc., who will be leasing all of Hangar B at the airport at a fee of $450 per month — if arrangements with a current tenant can be negotiated. Church said he needs the entire hangar for planes, manifest space, packing (parachutes) and training. If a finalized agreement can be reached, Sky Sport would begin moving into the hangar on or near Feb. 1, 2011.
• The board has asked City Attorney Nelson Chapman to present a resolution at the December meeting for the 2011 fee schedule for transient aircraft/tie down fees, hangar rent, and long-term parking. Although the fees will basically be the same as previous years, the hangars have been renamed in some cases and the Hangar B to be rented to Sky Sport will show an increase of $50 per month.
• The board also reviewed the names on the hangar waiting lists as verified by Airport Manger Dave Lattimer. Lattimer presented two new applications for rentals with down payment money attached.