Accounts differ on dog shooting

HAMLET — A family and the Hamlet Police Department are at odds over the circumstances of the death of the family’s dog.
Casey Schoff emailed the Pilot News Sunday and said “I’m writing you in regards to a Hamlet Police Officer Kyle Hinds, he stopped at my house Saturday evening for what reason we are not sure. He asked to speak with my husband, my husband stepped outside and at this time our 10-month-old boxer puppy started barking and took a protective stance like most all dogs do when a stranger comes on to their property. He never bite the officer only barked, but before my husband could get our dog to put him in the house to make the officer feel safe Officer Kyle Hinds pulled out his gun and shot our dog three times in the spine.”
After contacting the Hamlet Police Department, a press release was sent to the Pilot News.
Chief Frank Lonigrio said that the officer reported a “brindle-colored Pit Bull” came at the officer and the officer believed the dog was going to bite him.
The officer reports shooting the dog three times to stop its aggressive behavior.
The officer then reported that after squirming for about 15 seconds, the dog tried to attack the officer a second time.
That’s when the officer shot the dog two more times.
Lonigro said he found the officer acted within the scope of departmental policy in shooting the dog.
The officer said he apologized for shooting the dog, but feared he would be hurt.
“After our dog was shot he did attempt to run down our porch steps after the officer, he shot him two more times. Our dog laid in the road in pain, shaking, bleeding to death at this time Officer Kyle Hinds started walking back to his car still not having given the reason he was on our property to begin with," wrote Schoff.
The press release states that the officer was there about a possible subject wanted on a warrant.
No arrest was made at the time.