3 recommended for expulsion for drugs, alcohol at LJH

PLYMOUTH — Parents with students at Lincoln Junior High School received a letter from Principal Dan Funston clarifying three instances of drugs and alcohol at the school.
The letter states that there have been three incidents and the letter is to clarify any misconceptions.
Funston said, “These incidents are not typical and are of great concern to me, and I’m sure to you also.”
The situations he is referring include a student that allegedly brought marijuana brownies to school. Once notified, the school immediately began an investigation of the situation and police tested the container the brownies were brought in and several students who ate the brownies. All came back negative; however, they did find marijuana in the student’s bag later that day and the student was recommended for expulsion.
An investigation of the second incident that took approximately a month to complete ended Friday.
Funston said, “The investigation ended with one of our seventh grade students admitting to selling marijuana to another seventh grade student at school. Both students have been recommended for expulsion.”
The final incident last week involved an eighth grade student who had a small container of beer at school. Once again, this student has been recommended for expulsion.
Funston confirmed that local police were involved in all three instances and police reports were filed for all three. He notes in the letter that all three students will not be back in school this year, adding that the schools use several efforts to prevent this type of behavior, including have the police dogs and conduct searches.
Teachers at the junior high also monitor hallways and are always listening.
“It is because of great students that we were able to catch the perpetrators in all three cases,” Funston said. He closed the letter by encouraging parents to report criminal behavior to the office.
He also encouraged parents to talk with their students and remind them of the negative consequences involved with this type of activity, saying that proper monitoring of cell phones can be a productive tool.