2012 Marshall County Election Results

The following are election results from Marshall County ONLY.
They will be updated until we have final results
UPDATE: With 8 of 30 precincts reported.
7:28 p.m.
Barack Obama (D) 2940 36.62%

Mitt Romney (R)4920 61.29%

U.S. Senator
Joe Donnelly (D) 3658 46.02%

Richard Mourdock (R)3954 49.74%

John Gregg (D)3314 41.80%

Mike Pence (R)4382 55.27%

2nd District U.S. Rep
Brendan Mullen (D)3432 43.11%

Jackie Walorski (R)4265 53.57%

Superintendent of Schools
Tony Bennett (R)4195 54.33%

Glenda Ritz (D)3526 45.67%