‘School Daze’ will distribute school supplies

NAPPANEE — For students launching into the start of another school year, there is a genuine sense of excitement in having a bounty of new supplies and materials.
Yet for some families, purchasing those supplies can put a sizable crimp in tight budgets.
And so, true to the Wa-Nee community’s gracious spirit, there is a means to lend support to families who gratefully benefit from what has become a back-to-school tradition.
It is a generous gesture of providing assistance to students, in which local businesses and volunteers join forces to offer classroom necessities such as crayons, paper, folders, pencils and other items.
The upcoming school supply giveaway, now in its sixth year, is entitled “School Daze.”
It is slated for Saturday, Aug. 10, beginning at 10 a.m. in the Nappanee Public Library, located at the southeast intersection of North Main and East Walnut streets.
Families are encouraged to arrive after 9 a.m. to secure a place in line, along and near the library’s east entrance.
Upon opening, children and their parents can select the supplies that will be needed and are most appropriate for their age and grade level.
Volunteers are expected to be on hand to help the students navigate through the building, as well as offer assistance on where to find items.
There is no set time for this event to conclude, as it is being anticipated to continue until all of the supplies have been distributed.
This year, there will be a unique twist to the day, as the date corresponds perfectly with Nappanee’s “Second Saturdays” celebration.
On the second Saturday of each month, retailers and other organizations around the city present special sales, contests, promotional events and other sights designed to draw interest in the diversity of Nappanee’s business and cultural attractions.
“Second Saturdays” is a collaborative effort between the Nappanee Area Chamber of Commerce and the “Second Saturdays” retail committee.
As visitors end their trip to the Nappanee Public Library after “School Daze,” they can exit the facility toward Main Street and continue their journey along Clark Street, which will be closed for approximately three hours beyond the giveaway.
There, travelers can discover face painting, bounce equipment, and an ongoing presentation from the South Bend Children’s Health Museum.
The latter, which is being sponsored through a grant made possible by Kohl’s, works to promote and educate healthy lifestyles in an entertaining and engaging format.
There is no charge to attend any portion of these festivities.
Dianne Debelak is the owner and proprietor of The Homespun Country Inn, a responsibility she shares with her husband, Dennis.
Debelak is also the chairperson of the committee which oversees the execution of coordinating the school supply mission.
She said that having “School Daze” event segue into “Second Saturdays” will hopefully create an atmosphere of making memories.
“We wanted to extend the day and expand the activities for the families, to give them ways to enjoy the afternoon together,” she said.
In 2012 the event provided school supplies to 107 families with 247 children.
Basic school supplies and monetary donations are needed this year. 
For more information, call (574) 773-7812  or email Jeff@nappaneechamber.com. Or call (574) 773-2034 for Dianne Debelak or email  homespun@kcaccess.com.