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The connection we have

July 26, 2014

The best thing about the connection we have, me and you, is we both like newspapers.
It is a business compact like no other. You trust us enough to pay in advance. The trust implies we will publish a worthy product and you will get it every time we publish.
Maybe you read us just for the advertising, that is OK. Or just sports. OK as well. A long time ago, at another news stand, we discussed pre-Internet, how we could deliver ala carte.

Natural Fireworks

July 14, 2014

From the Front Lines
A Circulation blog

I found myself out on a rural route near dusk. It had rained just enough to dampen the fields.
The fireflies – there are 40 varieties in Indiana alone – were awesomely visible with no streetlights to distract the view of them. They filled field after field, a thousand points of light, to apply a term first spoken by one ex-President.
Our portion of the Great Plains looked timeless, as it has since the first human hereabouts stood in stunned amazement at the natural fireworks silently twittering as far as the next horizon.

The Nation’s Hometowns

July 9, 2014

From the Front Lines
A Circulation blog
It seems my life always has me working on holidays. No complaints. It is the life I have chosen. When I as a writer, I often covered events that happened during other folks’ leisure time. By definition, I was working when they were having fun and I had fun as well.
I am also a guy who loves fireworks. During the 1982 world’s Fair in Knoxville, we had fireworks every single night. Pretty Nice.

Stormin' Through

July 2, 2014

From the Front Lines
A Circulation blog
The winds of summer whipped up quite the frenzy this week.
None of my circulation folks were out in it, but we all saw the results: Uprooted trees, branches everywhere, a string of telephone poles pulling down electrical feeds. Many of my cohorts were without power for several days. No fun.
Of course we all delivered papers in the altered landscape the next day.
The one that caught my eye was one of those trampoline with sides nets flung into a cornfield across the street as if by some giant child dismissing a play toy.

Take Time For Perspective

June 26, 2014

Take Time For Perspective
From the Front Lines
A Circulation blog
The famous line from Shakespeare which we all know “all the world’s a stage” continues to explain that we each have a perspective And everyone in our view naturally comes to us through our unique prisms, they all play a role in our life production.
It occurred to me that I have hired a young lady to deliver one of our weekend products who is but 14.
What this means, for us non math-majors, is she has lived the entirety of her life in this century.
I know it was coming but I thought I had a few years.

The Joy of Being There

June 18, 2014

From the front lines
A Circulation blog
The joy of BeingThere
On a beautiful still summery morning, I like seeing the clouds on the ground.
OK, I know it is just evaporating mist, but clouds on the ground sounds so much more magical
If you are blessed, as I was, to do some of the rural routes we cover, you get to see a lot of the glory of natural creation.
I see all sorts of skittering animals in the path of the lld rickety delivery maker (and the truck is kinda old too).

Entry into summer

June 10, 2014

From the front lines
A Circulation blog
Summer is all but upon us. With our weird weather so far this year, it seems more like late spring with the rain and all, but still, the glorious days of the year are near.
The great thing about our job is getting to know the neighborhoods, from the stretched-out rural routes to the traditional sidewalks of our communities.

Looking up in Wonder

June 4, 2014

From the front lines
A Circulation blog
When I drive in each morning, now that springtime is melting into summer, the sun is usually already arisen.
In the wintry weather, it was all dark. Then, slowly, a minute at at time each day, it got a little lighter until I was driving in at the dawn and heading out at dusk.
Lately, there have been fabulous clouds. My friends in San Diego call them sun dogs for some reason

We All Deliver

May 29, 2014

I have often said circulation at a newspaper is the front lines. We meet the folks who read the stories and peruse the ads and look at the pictures. We are the folks you think of when you think of your hometown newspaper. If we do not do our job, at the finish line, a great story will remain unread, a picture unseen, advertisers will miss connections with their clients.
I am Mike Siroky, manager of circulation, happy to represent all the hard-working delivery people who get our product to your each day.

The Horse Was A Sinner by Bob Collier

February 27, 2013

There’s an amusing story of a farmer who owned a very beautiful horse of which he was very proud.
One day he rode him into town and carefully tied the animal to the hitching post in front of the general store.
Two thieves, passing through the town, spied the handsome horse and decided to steal it. They also decided on a clever strategy to carry out their plan. One of them untied the horse and rode swiftly away.
The other remained by the post. When the farmer emerged from the store and saw that his horse was gone, he was about to shout for help when the conspirator walked up to him.

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