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Are you headed in the right direction? By Bob Collier

December 2, 2012

The pastor of a large urban parish did a TV series called “The Kingdom of God.” Each week on the morning after the show aired he would visit sick parishioners in the hospital. On one such visit, he received an unusually enthusiastic greeting from a man who had been hospitalized for weeks. Said the patient, “You’ll be glad to know that we all watched your program last night. There was only one TV available in the ward, so we had to decide by majority vote what programs we would watch.

Who was that masked man? By Bob Collier

November 27, 2012

I want you to return with me to the year 1958. My favorite television show was The Lone Ranger. I would get so caught up in that show that I would wear my two six shooters everywhere I went. My mother was uncompromising when she refused to let me wear my guns to church. My father was a Presbyterian minister and I tried to explain that my guns would protect everyone at church. I knew how the devil liked to mess around with church folk and I was aiming to gun him down on site. My argument failed to persuade mom.

Cliff Diving - By Daniel Riordan

November 23, 2012

Maybe President Obama is now wishing he didn’t win re-election.
It may be easier to get to January as a lame duck rather than an incumbent.
After the fog of turkey and stuffing dissipates, there are still two huge looming issues for this country and the world: The Fiscal Cliff and Israel.
The situation in Israel is too complex for me to tackle in one, or maybe several, columns
So let’s just look at...The Fiscal Cliff.
For those uninitiated, this is a series of measures set to take place at the end of the year. They include the end of a 2-percent payroll tax cut.

Thankful Indeed — By Daniel Riordan

November 21, 2012

By Daniel Riordan
Managing Editor

Newspaper people are typically a grumpy lot.
You walk into most newsrooms and sit for more than five minutes and you’re going to hear a lot of complaining.
Several factors play into this.
First of all, I think you have to be a misanthrope to become a journalist. Which is weird because you spend so much of your time dealing with people.
Then you work often when your friends and family are off. There are many nights and weekends.

Angels? They are everywhere. by Angel Perkins

November 19, 2012

I know you are likely enjoying your second helping of “Thanksgiving plenties” and while everyone is sharing their gratitude, I instead want to let you all in on something I just remembered.
There are angels everywhere. No, I’m not talking about angels in the Biblical format. Like other things I’ve heard about but never seen, I’ll have to experience a large, awesomely beautiful humanoid with wings sprouting from her (or his) back in person in order to believe in the historical creatures. And then I may need to check out if there are wires and if the wings truly break through the skin.

Hopped up horrors in the headlines: Drugs Pt. 2 by Angel Perkins

November 19, 2012

Ten years ago, to me, the introduction to meth (not personally) was that it was a “farm drug” because people were stealing ingredients from farmers to concoct the stuff. When you see all the people arrested that make or take the stuff I wonder how in the world they were able to do so without killing themselves — quickly, I mean.

Chicken Little and the sky, by Bob Collier

November 18, 2012

We have all heard the story of Chicken Little and how he was sure the sky was falling. As the tale goes he was proved wrong. There is another story about the future that is true. It can be found in the 13th chapter of Mark in your Bible. The son of man will be coming in clouds with great power and glory. We don’t know the date; we don’t know the hour. For all we know, it could be this year, or 10,000 years from now. God’s word tells us the truth, but not the whole truth. Jesus will come again and although we don’t know the day or hour, we are to believe it will happen.

How to live to be 100

November 11, 2012

By Bob Collier

The answer is simple. There are two steps to living to be 100 years old. The first step is to get to 99. The second step is to be very, very careful for one year. Many people live to be 100 years old and to tell you the truth, I don’t know if they use the 99 and one formula or not.

Hopped up horrors in the headlines: Drugs (by Angel Perkins)

November 9, 2012

Part of my job description includes reading and typing up/editing police reports and releases and submissions. My facts come from the authorities not from the neighbors and everyone is published that is in my jurisdiction, regardless of whether I know them, or if they want me to let the world know of their indiscretions.

It's almost over- By Daniel Riordan

November 5, 2012

After Tuesday, the ads will mercifully stop.
The campaigning will come to a close.
Things, for better or worse, will go back to normal.
After Tuesday we’ll know whether Barack Obama will continue to be our President or if Mitt Romney will take over in January.
We’ll know whether Mike Pence or John Gregg will be our Governor.
Same goes for Senator as Richard Mourdock and Joe Donnelly duke it out. And we’ll have a new representative in either Brendan Mullen or Jackie Walorski.
Outside of the Governor’s race, I think all the other races are toss ups.

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